Busy with new music

I never realized how time consuming it is trying to become a working musician. During my recovery from back surgery, I have spent my time writing, editing, producing 11 new songs.  All my songs are now copy righted and registered.  I am in the process of completing my first CD and hope to have it available soon. Again, I had no idea how long it would take to get this done. Since I am a DIY-kinda-of-guy, I am trying to design my CD covers by myself. Of course, this means I have to learn how to do this and I am struggling getting the software to work on my computer. Delays and slippage are normal but they do frustrate me a little bit. But, that is my life. I just had a birthday and since I am so old, my music career could be framed as "the Running Out of Time Tour".  It mocks the tours of famous musicians that usually end their careers with a "Last Chance" tour. I find humor in this. My daughter told me today, that I am "O-D-D"  (It took me a while to realize what she meant.)

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