The marks of time.


SiskoFloyd, a solo recording artist, with a virtual jazz combo of various distinguished musicians . Playing original compositions with a vintage soul sound that blends and weaves hints of  jazz, funk, and latin jazz. Like home cooking my music is authentic. Many flavors and textures are revealed that only a journey of  joy, love, pain and experience can provide.

Emerging from the past and into the future, music has always been an under current while working other jobs. I now focus on writing, arranging, and recording my music. Guitar is my main instrument, but drums are my heartbeat, bass is the groove and guitar the rhythm of my soul. My lyrics and vocals are a work in progress. I do the best I can.

Art and music are a labor of time, effort, persistence, and above all love. The love of making something out of nothing. Please listen, buy, and share my songs. Royalties accrue when I get lots of downloads and streams. You can buy my music on my website, but also on YouTube, Amazon Music, Spotify and others. Your listens, streams, and purchases will be appreciated and put to a higher purpose, my grandkid’s education. One now has a doctorate and the other will soon have a BS in biology.  

Please call me at: 303-829-3940 or an email at: I would love to hear from you. 

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