The marks of time.


SiskoFloyd, a solo recording artist, with a virtual jazz combo. Playing original compositions with a vintage soul sound that blends and weaves hints of  jazz, funk, and latin jazz. Like home cooking my music is authentic. Many flavors and textures are revealed that only a journey of  joy, love, pain and experience can provide.

I am emerging from the past and into the future. Music has always been an under current while working other jobs. After retiring, I now focus on writing, arranging, and recording my music. Guitar is my main instrument, but drums are my heartbeat, bass is the groove and the rhythm of my soul. My lyrics and vocals are a work in progress. I do the best I can.

Art and music are a labor of time, effort, persistence, and above all love. The love of making something out of nothing. Please listen, buy, and share my songs. Royalties accrue when I get lots of downloads and streams. You can buy my music on my website, but also on YouTube, Amazon Music, Spotify and others. Your listens, streams, and purchases will be appreciated and put to a higher purpose, my grandkid’s education.

Please call me at: 303-829-3940 or an email at: I would love to hear from you. 

The Latest

How am I doing? 

Does anyone really care? The last year has been a journey marked by death, sorrow, depression and often joy. I did not think that losing my Dad would affect me so much. After all, I was prepared. I had expected it. I was at peace with the thought of Dad dying. Dad and I talked about death a lot. We accepted it as natural. We did not fear it. We both wondered what it would be like, if there was an after life? The typical questions most of us have. He was tired of living and I understood.  Unfortunately, the best parts of our life are in our earlier years, when you live more fully.  The final parts of life, are simply less fun. 

Dad would say, that when you got old, you were like an old family dog. Everyone expecting you to die any day and somewhat in the way. The family knows your old, not much fun to talk too, and not the one invited to do things with.  You can't move very well or engage in conversations you know little about.  I see my self following in his foot steps. It's only natural, but still not a future I look forward too, even if I inch closer to that reality everyday. 

Trump's election has also strained my mental state. I have spent much more time trying to get involved with organizations that see Trump and large corporate power threatening America, the very country I grew up in and devoting 36 years of service.   The apathy of American voters is sad.  The racial and bigoted blindness of Trump supporters is hurtful.  Hurtful because I thought America was better than that. I thought we had evolved from the days of slavery and the 1960s, but I know we have not. Trump supporters are wrapped in the cloak of racism and bigotry.  Trump supporters also picked race over country by being silent about Trump partnering up with Russia to influence and perhaps overthrow our government. This type of blind patriotism is not what is good for Democracy. 

Musically, I continue to work on songs, even if I am not getting rich. Introspectively, I also question how much I need fame, fortune, and crowd applause to feel complete, to feel enough.  I like to think that I am enough the way I am. I have all that is important and all that I need.  Someone to love me, several people to love back, and more things to do than I have a life for.  Unfortunately, moving my equipment 4 times a show is not as easy as when I was younger.   But, that is a manageable drawback. 

Life and its curves 

A few weeks ago, my father died. He was 91. For the last 10 years he was the focus of much of my attention, my time, and my energy. Playing music took a back seat to care giving. But, music is also my therapy. I continued writing songs, usually in the evenings when Dad went to sleep. But, I would get tired and had to get some sleep. The next day it was getting up early to start the care giving routine. all over again. 

Of course, my moods have been like a racket balls bouncing off all the walls, sometimes sad, sometimes trying to be glad, faking that down in the dumps feeling. Hoping that someday you'll be able to smile again, laugh again. You know you will, of course, but you also know that you have to feel the pain of losing someone so important to you. 

And, here comes another curve in life's mountain roads. dTrump got elected President on the day my dad died. A double whammy. How could America vote against its own interests? How could we choose to be a nation of bigots, racists, and white supremacists? Do we even have a democracy anymore? At a minimum, why does America have so many stupid people or so few people that think like me?

Of course, all of this is going to be food for my songs.I grew up during the 50's and 60's. Protest songs were the pulse of our time.  Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Bob Sieger, Arlo Gutherie, are example of musicians with something to say.  Sometimes a shout, a plea to society to change for the good of all. 

Either way, I am who I am, because of the road I traveled, the experiences I have had. I am a better person, a better father, a better husband because of my care giving experiences. Taking care of Dad has taught me not to judge to harsh, but to try to understand. We are all a product of our experiences, the choices we have made and the luck we have had. I have been blessed, I do what I want, when I want to, and I have enough of everything. Although I always want a little more, I am pretty happy and content most of the time, especially when I am around those I love and who love me, and playing and creating music.   

A taste of Chocolate and Art, July 22, 2016 at City Hall, 1144 N. Broadway, Denver, CO 80228 

I have spent the last 18 months finishing 11 songs that are now part of my 30 plus collection of original songs. Yeah, it takes a while. For every song I push to completion, I throw out 4 that just didn't feel right. Now, I can try to focus on finding places to play. 

Please check me out at 9:30 pm, July 22nd at City Hall, 1144 N. Broadway, Denver, CO. I think there will be some cool art work and some good music. I am very proud of my new songs. I think I am getting better at producing and writing. 

Where have I been? 

Well, 2015 was a journey in personal development. It affected my music. First, medical issues slowed me down, but I think I am getting better and able to play again. Next, computer problems sucked 4 months of productivity out of the year.  I have been working on new songs,but have not yet copy righted them. 

Even at my old age, I am continually reminded that I am not in control of my life. I am on a journey, and I simply need to "go with the flow.' There must be some reason why my musical career suffers from fits and starts.  I am reminded that life is a journey and not a destination.  I am also okay with all the other things in my life that compete for my time, like taking care of my 90 year old dad, being involved with my family and being the handyman for all the chores around the house.  

I am hopeful that 2016 will be a good year.  i hope we can make some sort of musical or other connection.  

Latest Gig 

On May 7th, @ Fados Irish Pub,come see me, its for a good cause. It starts at 7pm, I play at 8pm. 

I am playing a benefit concert for young African girls who are married off as children. They become childhood brides who often are mistreated, loaded with children and who become slaves to older men. By educating early, they become less available and have better options to living their lives. When women gets educated they become empowered to pursue a better life, usually the have less children and the income of her family improves along with the villages they are from. Its a great cause that I am glad to be a part of. Please join me. The other two musician are also good, Lovelorn Regal is a local Denver group, and Justin Roth is a great guitar player who tours nationally. Look them up

New CD Released 

On January 2, 2015; too late for Christmas, I received copies of my latest, and only CD. It's called "Fifty Year Love Story, told through song." I am a hopeless romantic and have been fortunate to have experienced it and wrote 13 songs about that kinda of love. Some hear a Motown sound, others hear a Darrel Hall, sound on these songs. I have been influenced by so many different sounds, that I am sure they come out in my songs.  Please order a copy, by checking the Music Tab. 


Busy with new music 

I never realized how time consuming it is trying to become a working musician. During my recovery from back surgery, I have spent my time writing, editing, producing 11 new songs.  All my songs are now copy righted and registered.  I am in the process of completing my first CD and hope to have it available soon. Again, I had no idea how long it would take to get this done. Since I am a DIY-kinda-of-guy, I am trying to design my CD covers by myself. Of course, this means I have to learn how to do this and I am struggling getting the software to work on my computer. Delays and slippage are normal but they do frustrate me a little bit. But, that is my life. I just had a birthday and since I am so old, my music career could be framed as "the Running Out of Time Tour".  It mocks the tours of famous musicians that usually end their careers with a "Last Chance" tour. I find humor in this. My daughter told me today, that I am "O-D-D"  (It took me a while to realize what she meant.)

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Previous events

Musicians Resistance Project 2018

Walnut Room, Walnut Street, Denver, CO

On October 15th, I was part of an 8 band/musician lineup raising funds for the Colorado Democratic Party. I meet some fine singers and songwriters. Since I am old enough to be their father, I called those in the bands and in the audience, "Sisko's kids. "