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Crazy About You

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Its often said that love is crazy, a form of insanity. And, it kinda of is. You devote yourself to one person for so long, in spite of their faults. Profound love continues even through the worst of times. Through sickness and in health. Love is tested when your partner is sick, hurt, or in trouble. Only a deep profound love can thrive and exist when waters are choppy. It's easy to love when your young, healthy, and good looking. It's more challenging when your old, sick and unattractive. Objectively, that is a form of insanity, that has worked well for me. I love my wife, especially as we are older.


Crazy About You
Floyd Gonzales, June 2018
Key Bb
Chorus: 8 bars: Bb Gm Cm F
2x Love is crazy, love is blind. Made me crazy, about you.

Chorus: 8 bars
Gm D7 Eb Edim
You looked at me, I looked at you.
I couldn’t help it, I fell in love with you.
Your mood, your attitude, From that moment,
I wanted you, I wanted you.
Chorus: 8 bars:
Gm D7 Eb Edim
Fifty years of loving, making it work,
The ups and downs, the twists and turns,
The passion burns,
The joys, the pains.
Let me explain, I’m crazy about you.

Chorus: 8 bars:
Gm D7 Eb Edim
I couldn’t foresee,
We’d form a new reality. Our own insanity.
Shared emotions. Simply living.
Living humbly like you.
I’m lucky I’m with you.
I’m in love with you.
Chorus: 8 bars:
Gm D7 Eb Edim
I don’t recommend insanity,
But, it’s been good for me.
It’s been good for me.
A beautiful reality.
Chorus: 8 bars:
Gm D7 Eb Edim
Our reality is made from what we see.
Subconsciously. We were made for you and me.
Like your sweet tea,
Amazingly, full of love, your specialty.
4X Chorus: 16 bars: