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The Heartbeat of Democracy

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Alarmed that Donald Trump is destroying our government, our Democracy, I wrote this song. Like a helpless child, crying in the wilderness for help, I am crying for help from the people in the U.S. who have the power to vote, the power to change our course before it's too late. I took some inspiration from the Colorado Democratic Platform of 2018 who used this phrase.


The Heartbeat of Democracy
Floyd Gonzales, May 25, 2018
2x (Ebm B)
The Heartbeat of Democracy. We the people.
The Heartbeat of Democracy that’s who we are.
2x (Bbm7 Eb7) 2x (Abm7 Gb7) 2x (Bbm7 Eb7)
I dream of a stronger democracy.
A nation of we the people.
Inclusive, not exclusive.
One for all and all for one.
Life, liberty, and happiness.
Justice for all.
United. Not divided.
Not just for the rich, but for the many.
An economy for all of us.
Not just a few of us.

A nation of immigrants.
Searching for a better life.
Not looking for a handout,
But a help out, from a friend,
Whenever there’s a need.
We help each other. We help each other.
Investing in Americans.
A good and fair economy.
Health care for everyone.
Education for all.
Human rights and civil liberties,
Fair and equally.
Too many making money from endless wars.
Let’s try peace over war.
Bribing Presidents and Congress.
Let’s oust leaders who betray us.

2x Chorus
We the people, what are we gonna do?
W can vote. We can oust them out.
Oust them out. Vote them out.